IW Venezia full circle

Sebastian Bailey, Bassist Extraordinaire, Venezia

Adam Garcia, Drums, Mr. Don't Look Now, Venezia

One-armed punk loads our equipment into a boat,
Garcia stands mesmerized, Venezia

Neuchatel 1

Neuchatel 2

Lookin for new threads, Amsterdam

Gelato, Venezia

Garcia hails St. John

Woz' own Isle of Wight, Ariano Nel Polesine

Neuchatel with Lija the spanish greyhound

Light rainin in my heart

Garcia with Freak

Transcendental Black Mood

Sala De Magazzini, 14th Century Salt Cellar, Venezia

Creature of Salt Licks the Brick, auspicious vs. superstitious

...And foaming at the mouth, he begins his midnight creep

Seb at the Gates, Antwerp

Fuck the Former SS Monsters

Penetration, Transparent Radiation

In Z Alpz, Switzerland
from Tanja Roscic's diary, study for IW's next tour costume