Where is Imaad Wasif?

Living in a magic mirror, working out the details and reflections of a Doom and Divination Trilogy.

The next IW album, “Metal Rabbit” is written and awaits sonic manifestation. The album will include the songs: Origins, Caste Blues, Phases of a Cardinal Cross, Murmur, Constellation Kingdoms, The Spiral, Mongrel Stooge and Thorn. Preliminary paths have begun with the mystic/producer Randall Dunn (Boris, Sunn O and Earth.) No date has been set yet for excavation, though it is likely that this will be released in the last year of the Mayan calendar, coinciding with the fabled apocalypse.

Also currently working on a few collaborations: In the studio with Stephen Mcbean from Black Mountain, writing and recording a weirdo detuned modern eastern acoustic primitive album.

This summer also brings the genesis of Electric Flower, a new duo with Josh Garza, the drummer from The Secret Machines. We are currently in the studio recording our first single, “Circles.”