Dm                                     C                G         Dm  C    Dm
The feelin that I had was eight miles from the sun, hiiiiiiigh
Dm                                             C                  G                     Dm
Somewhere down the road I lost the only thing that I’ve known
C           Dm  C/G    A7  Dm
I get hiiiiigh, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
F                       G                          Dm
Met a man in Egypt who went off the map
F                        G                  Dm
Talkin pyramids and getting stoned
F                                 G                     Dm
In the Valley of the Kings how he ditched the past
F                                C                        Dm
Well I hope he just was not blowing smoke

Dm                                            C                       G         Dm
Diamonds in the dusk and all your cherished pentagrams
Dm                             C                             G               Dm
In the witches palm, dripping quicksands, dropping tabs
F                       G            Dm
Saw a figure crouched above a cairn
F                                      G                      Dm
You know I’ve had my doubts become transparent
F                                 G               Dm   E7          A#                  
When I told you that I could not peel off the layers
F                        C                       Dm
I wasn’t ready for the second coming

Dm                                            C              G                          Dm
Am I with you now, in all the beautiful things you carry around
Dm                                                        C              G                      Dm
In your suspicious head, in your vicious smile, in your steady frown
F                       G                               Dm
Got a black balloon and I’m floating now
F                        G                               Dm
Took a while to notice the moon come up
F                                 G               Dm   E7          A#                  
And there ain’t no talisman to keep from fading out
A#                   C                       Dm
Took a while before I gave a fuck
Dm  C       Dm
I get hiiiiiiiiigh
Dm  C/G         Dm
get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
Dm C        A7         Dm
get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Lyrics: Imaad Wasif
Will appear in the near future on something somewhere.
Any resemblance to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.